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Ottawa Slashers community

Last Friday, lmondegreen and I were talking about organizing a Ottawa Slashers meet and greet, where fans from various fandoms, could get together and talk about slash, our fandom and our boys.

For that purpose I have created the ottawa_slashers community.

If you live near Ottawa, Ontario you are quite welcome to join the community.

We also discuss the possibility of holding a small convention in the future, so think of this as the first few steps in that direction.


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Wizard People.

Hello! I hope everyone is re-adjusting to life among the Muggles. I keep expecting people to be walking around in robes and cloaks and funny hats, but alas. I'd like to thank fiona_fawkes for organizing the meet-ups and anyone else who contributed prizes, helped with goodie bags, or even just showed up. I had an awesome time. I hope everyone else did too.

And now! I come bearing gifts. At the H/D meet-up, my lovely new friends and I were discussing Wizard People, Dear Reader and I promised that I'd upload the tracks for them. For those of you who don't know, Wizard People is a parody of Sorcerer's Stone that can be listened to while watching the movie on mute, or just by itself. Either way, it's hilarious. Nothing to do with slash, really, but there is lots and lots of profanity. So be warned.

Part one: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6j2ipu
Part two: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sbro0y

(I've uploaded the original tracks. Brad Neely recorded a newer version with fewer mistakes, but personally I think the first version is way funnier.)

Also, I've posted my photos here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lag/sets/72157601262344725/) if anyone's interested. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any pictures at either of the meet-ups, but hopefully someone else will be good enough to post theirs.

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Anti-Ball Activities

Okay, everyone who isn't going to the ball on Saturday! We are planning to take a group to Woody's on Church St., one of the world's most popular gay bars, made famous by Queer as Folk. It's two kilometers from the hotel. We are planning to meet in the lobby Saturday night at 8:30, and will walk or take a taxi over as our fancy strikes us.

Poll #1032227 Coming To The Gay Bar?

I'll be there!

Yes! Drinking with slashers!

If you're planning to come, vote and drop a comment so we know how many to expect. Cheers!

Last-minute change for tomorrow night.

Just in case anyone missed it, Fly Nightclub won't be open tomorrow night so we're going to be at Crews & Tango instead. Details at the original post here.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Wednesday Evening meet-up!

Okay, guys, sorry this is so late, but we've finally got tomorrow night's details worked out.

7:00 - 8:45 pm: Churchmouse and Firkin for dinner. I'm going to take a chance and not make reservations since there aren't that many of us and this is a come-join-us-whenever-you-get-in event. *crosses fingers*

9:00 pm - 12:00 am: Fly Nightclub! It will probably be packed, but it IS the place they filmed QAF, after all. Thought some of you might enjoy that. :) -- WILL NOT BE OPEN. Sorry. :(

9:00 pm - 12:00 am: Crews & Tango. It's pretty much just around the corner from Churchmouse and Firkin.

Map of LocationsCollapse )

See you guys there! :D

ETA: Uh, in case people have trouble finding us, I will be the asian girl with long hair, brown tank, and white pants. *points to icon* :">
The pool closes at 10. I am so sorry for not digging deep enough into this issue and for believing the website! Ahh! Hopefully we can salvage this!

Poll #1031100 'Hot Tub Extravaganza

When do you want to have the Hot Tub Extravaganza, since the Pool Area closes at 10?

After the H/D Meet-Up at 8pm on Friday
During the Wizard Rock Concert for those who aren't going, at 8pm on Thursday
Some other time, I'll comment you

(EDIT: It looks like Friday at 8pm (or whenever the H/D dinner is over) wins out. I hope to see as many of you as possible there!!!!)
Okay, slight snag in the plan, but we'll make it work.

The Elephant and Castle is refusing to increase our reservation to accommodate the huge response that we got to the meetup - HOWEVER, we were able to make a separate one for an additional 25 people. So we'll probably be sitting in two different sections. Which sucks. But we'll make do.

Also, the E&C is refusing to split our checks, instead making one bill. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING SUFFICIENT SMALL BILLS TO PAY FOR YOUR MEAL!!! Keep in mind that with a group of this size, a gratuity is going to be automatically tacked onto the bill. Any questions, just let me know.

Last Minute Stupidity

Hi All! So I've been so busy these last few months that I just forgot to find out about all the slashy and HD goodness going down at Prophecy. I've already caught up on the meet-ups but I'm curious about the round table discussions and forums. Is there a list of them somewhere? Someway I can sign up? Is it too late?

Thanks a bunch! Sorry for being so last minute :o(

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Alternate Ball Activities

I'm sorry this is so late, but askani got me thinking about alternate ball activities and whether we should plan something for those who were not able to get a ticket. Thus! Last minute plans ahoy!

Poll #1030544 Not going to the ball?

Are you going to the Decade of Enchantment Ball on Saturday?


If you're NOT going, are you interested in getting together with some slashers?

Sorry, got other plans.

If such a meetup were to take place on Saturday night, what sort of thing would you be interested in?

Dinner/hanging out
Roaming around city
Hanging out poolside, if one of the pools is open
I have another brilliant idea which I will expand upon in comments.

Even if there's just a few of us, a meetup is a meetup. :)

The after-ball slash party

Whether you are going to the Decade of Enchantment Ball or not, how about joining us for the after-party? lord_harrymort and I thought us lovely H/R shippers would get together, dressed to the nines, with other fun slash fans for a thoroughly entertaining after-party. Who's in?